MAY 10 & 11, 2018 in Moorseville, North Carolina 

I know how you feel right now... 

  • Tired of needing 20+ calls per month to just sign 1-2 clients 
  • Tired of constantly falling short on your goals and want to be fully booked with high paying clients and running a signature group offer 
  • Desiring to be seen as an authority and leader in the online space that people LOVE to buy from 
  • Ready to start making multiple five figure months so you can pay yourself an actual paycheck and have the freedom to reinvest in your business when and how you want without financial stress 

You hear things like “I WILL for sure work with you…. someday” from the people in your community instead of making the sales you want now [today].  

You are in a repeating cycle of setting a big goal, going all in and then getting disappointed when you miss it by like 75% [signing 2 clients instead of 5 or adding 3 people into a group offer instead of 20]  

You write content and sometimes wonder what’s the point of this post…. you know it’s not anything unique and it feels like out of every 20 posts you write... only 3-4 actually work.  

Here’s what I know for sure, love, you ARE good enough.  

You're good enough to get the amazing results you see other badasses getting... like:  

  • $10k sales [yep, even the pay in fulls] 
  • Client testimonials left and right  
  • Having fun every day of your life [kickboxing, horseback riding, bubble baths and reading on the daily]  
  • Constant amazing ideas for content that not only make you feel like a total genius but call in the high end, soul mate clients you want to be working with  
  • Hitting multiple five figure months ($20k, $40k, $50k CASH months in your business)  

The truth? I was just like you.  

I saw quick results in my business - I ended my first year of coaching having banked $170k+ cash. 

But what people didn’t see going on in the background was -  

  • 20 free calls in a week - all a no  
  • 3 clients that I let pay teeny tiny deposits to lock in their spot all drop at the same time  
  • One of my “biggest clients” doing a chargeback for work completed [with good feedback]  
  • My 6 week program that sold out no problem… was totally over delivered and under charged for  
  • Being exhausted…  
  • Not eating or drinking all day until 6:30 pm except my two cups of coffee… 
  • Gaining 30+ pounds….  

This 2-day retreat is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced…  

  •  RELEASE AND UPLEVEL Clearly see the exact actions you are taking right now that are not aligned with you at all, but just rules and limits you’ve taken on by other people (deep conditioned programming) that is holding you back from even seeing what you truly want and are capable of [aka… why you thought that $300 bootcamp was an intuitive idea but it didn’t sell and you hated it]  
  • UNLEASH YOUR DESIRE Daily inner work to unleash your true desires + work with me in your private hotseat to map out a totally customized plan to make that happen  
  • MARKETING SAGA Map out your unique marketing saga - the pieces of totally unique-to-you content [simple livestreams and posts] you will use over and over again to sell out your programs at any pricepoint (NEVER feel like you have nothing unique to say again or like only 10% of your content actually works for you)  
  •  CONTENT THAT SELLS Understand the crucial missing piece in your content so you're not just making people feel good (aka creating followers and engagement) but actually getting people to buy from you today [without needing to hardcore push limited time]  
  • LEAD GENERATION Outline what actions YOU need to take to always have new [qualified] leads every single day from very simple, organic (meaning, we're not talking about adveritsing today) content  
  • CASH CONTAINER Design your cash container that allows these leads to 100% finally understand what it is you do and why it's crucial they hire you as your mentor (without any sleezy sales tactics or convincing - in fact you don't even need to really pitch) ... PS: this will bring your $20k per month without any fancy automation or funnels  
  • SOUL CLIENT ATTRACTION See exactly what needs to shift in your mindset and your marketing to attract dreamy clients that pay in full, that trust you 100%, become your best testimonials, brag about you online constantly and make you love your "job" more than ever before (and make it feel almost too easy) 


Here’s just a small picture of what happens after we do this work - 

  • You will stop changing your goals every single week (if not daily) and finally have a vision you can stick to and CREATE 
  • Your content is going to stand out and not just attract more engagement than you've had before, but actual people reaching out to work with you in your high end offer 
  • You can stop feeling overwhelmed on if you're taking the right action steps with your marketing to hit your $20k goal 
  • You will be working with clients that pay on time (usually in full) and 
  • They see you as THE authority so they want to buy right then and there (not for sure but “someday”)  

Here’s the “secret” - your uniqueness + your confidence [aka actual understanding not pumping yourself up to feel confident aka journaling happy thoughts] = your TRUE authority  

Soooo here’s what else changes when you go to this event - 

You sell out your signature group program  

Because your 1:1 is full with 4-5 $10k private clients 

Instead of the non-stop vicious cycle you’ve been stuck in where you go to fill your 5 1:1 spots.. you fill 1… after 5 weeks of promoting  

Then you think you must do a lower end group program  

Because it's clear NO one can afford your 1:1 and you’ve already talked about it soooo much  

So… you launch and you sign 2 people into your group program (instead of your goal of 20) after another month goes by….  

And you feel embarrassed, disappointed and concerned 

Look… if you’ve gone though this exact cycle.. you MUST be at this event  

I want you to understand THIS:  

This work is SO important…  

Up until now I know you’ve felt like just another business coach, marketing strategist, life coach, success mentor, relationship coach, health coach…  

But what you do is really freaking cool  

And you need to see that  

So you you can start selling those ideas that just feel exciting, brilliant, unique, amazing, genius  

Instead of the ones that feel like such a good deal and a total no brainer (I know that’s not fulfilling you…)  

Here’s what’s really happening with your marketing after this retreat that changes everything for you  

You finally understand the *psychology* of marketing Right now - you understand the LOGIC of marketing  

You get that you need to get the attention of people, so you can get leads, so you can convert those leads to sales  

But when you understand true psychology to pattern interrupt your soul clients All the people consuming your marketing that you actually want as clients (the smart clients… that take their business/life seriously, that do the work, pay on time, don’t freak out, are mature)  

THOSE people (the GOOD clients) have the blinders on and they are *not* taking them off  

So until you can pattern interrupt them to make them decide you are the exception [and they WANT to read your stuff], they won’t even see you/your posts/your livestreams  

They are getting online with the intention to not buy They aren’t looking for help  

They are distracting themselves by scrolling [a lot like you]  

The pattern interrupt is how you get them to read your post 3 times, save it to their FB “saved posts”, search for your private group and other social media without you ever sharing a link to anything  

Then within 3 days they are buying your high end offers  

Why? What changes?  

You are showing them a new perspective to look at their life  

Everyone is looking for a new perspective and they are not getting it  

Just take a look on your Facebook newsfeed… is there really anything that unique posted today?  

When you give your soul client the new perspective - they buy because they are smart [like you] and when they see something they know they need they buy… but first they have to see it  

[Which I show you exactly how to do at the event… and it’s all in your clarity]  

So…. are you ready? For your $10k clients and your full group program? See you at the retreat! 




$35,272 CASH in 1 MONTH!!!! {THEIR JANUARY} And from that, by JUST the 5th of February they locked in $30K CASH for February in payments and new sales. Over $10k coming in through their low ticket membership site ALONE plus fully booking their 1:1 coaching and services Alex and Jenny were stuck at $10k months which was FINE but when you’re running a *business* and paying TWO people’s bills…. It’s basically NOTHING. {I know this is how you feel just doing it on your own}. They used to think they had to learn what everyone was doing for “inspiration” but found themselves feeling clueless about what THEY actually wanted So they... • Dropped the shoulds they were learning from watching everyone else • Offered what they were MEANT to offer • Marketed and launched how the were MEANT to market and launch • And thought STRATEGICALLY about their actual vision {Which is why not only was January their best month ever at $35k but they started February 1st with over $20k expected to come in - CASH}  

Because business is NOT just about getting clients here and there on referrals OR making JUST ENOUGH to get buy, is it? So they expected MORE {multiple five figures cash every single month} and they got it. (SO CAN YOU)  


FROM TAKING A MONTH OFF TO REV UP TO HER FIRST $40K CASH WEEK {Which lead to her first $60k month… of course} 

Before working together, Christie had decided to move over to business coaching (because why not people were asking her for it) and had her first $10k month while in Bali. At the time - it felt a bit like LUCK - $5k clients while getting massages and chilling in the sunshine?! So she THOUGHT she needed to take a month off to essentially “rev up” (think: plan a fancy launch and grow her community even more) and prepare to launch her group offer WRONG. That month off turned into her first $20k month {NOVEMBER 2017}. Which she did AGAIN the next month {DECEMBER 2017}. And then 3x’d that the month after {HER $60K JANUARY 2018}!!!! NONE of this was fancy/strategic marketing - at least the way we’ve been taught to think of it • No stressful and costly list growth • No writing tons of emails that made her want to smash her head into the computer screen • No FREAKING SALES CALLS Because when you KNOW that you are a BADASS - the absolute BEST coach for your soulmate clients • You stop overdelivering • You stop thinking you NEED anything (fancy marketing) to get the results you deserve • You stop pushing and begging for sales AND YOU EXPECT THEM AND THEY HAPPEN 

All from simple posts and livestreams ;) Easy. (YOU CAN HAVE THIS TOO) 



September, October, November 2017-$0  

But then everything changed…. • She realized why she was TRULY valuable as a coach • She clearly saw the ROI she could deliver to her clients without being anything but herself  

December 2017 - $16,550 SALES + $6,750 CASH {Including locking in a $9800 client}  

January 2018 - $7,900 CASH  

February 2018 {JUST 9 DAYS IN} - $11,400 CASH RECEIVED  

^^ This was all unlocked through confidence, flow and intuition ^^ 

UPDATE: By March 2018 Brittanty has hit 6-figures! #badass



🔥Go Gianna!!! 🔥  

Last month when Gianna and I started working together 1:1 she set her goal to fill her 1:1 with her last 2 clients. She had recently gotten some hate comments around her pricing and what was most important to her was staying in integrity and following her desires.  

We KNEW her 1:1 was worth $15k in full… and within a week of our first session she had a client sign on to pay $15k in full {no sales call either!} to work with her as her love coach!  

Congrats and amazing job, Gianna - I am so excited for you! Next up - filling your life changing group program!  


PS: Gianna will be at the retreat with us! 



On February 1st I got a message from Shannon celebrating a $7800 month SO FAR {Just the 1st of the month}  

Keep in mind - 3 months ago, Shannon was brining in $2-3k per month and really struggling with keeping her cash HIGH  

But she took my course And attended my event in Orlando Put boundaries in place Raised her rates (not fast enough ;) it’s def time for her $10k rate) Realized why she was already ENOUGH and an AMAZING coach And started speaking her TRUTH  

And not only is she signing higher ticket clients like no big deal - she’s attracting women who are already making multiple 6-figures because she KNOWS she is a badass and doesn’t NEED anything else except her intuitive gifts and her already badass experiences to be the best of the best coach for her soulmate clients.  

Congrats Shannon!!!!!!! - $10k CASH (and well beyond) is right around the corner <3 



Before coming to my event in January she felt really unsure of how to explain what she does and if people really even wanted it. But during the event - 

* She realized she was LOVED by her peers {that she thought she was probably just a nobody to} and didn’t need to be quiet or make herself small and she started supporting the other women and dropping pure magic truth bombs left and right * She finally saw the power of her work and realized she’s not JUST another manifesting coach - she does something NO ONE else can do - and she’s a MIND BLOWING coach. Her confidence shot up higher than ever before and she wasn’t afraid to get online and share why people needed to work with HER. {hint: this equals CLIENTS!!!!!!} * She understood my secret “income stacking” strategy and has been able to increase her cash month after month without having to start from 0 every single month

And now… her business has done a total 180 -  

* Not only is she signing clients every single time she wants to {$5k pay in full for 6 weeks!} and hitting $6-$8k months consistently * Her clients are getting amazing results too {like tripling their investment, creating $1k in recurring passive income and regularly getting $111 payment notifications 😍🙌 #workwithAudrey} * Her shame around quitting her job are GONE and she’s made as much in the last 3 months in her biz as she would have in TEN MONTHS in her 9 to 5  

What a badass!!! Congrats Audrey!!!  

Next up - your $20k clients ;) I’m so excited for you. Oh and YES.. Audrey will be joining us as well at this retreat again!  

This is NOT the kind of event where:  

… You leave with dozens of pages of notes, but no clue where to start when you get home. You’ll actually leave with your idividualized plan of how to execute this for your unique business. (Plus with 3 weeks of private Voxer coaching after the event you don't have to worry about any q's slipping through the cracks) 

… You leave with all of this knowledge on cool strategies and things to go home and try but you still feel full of doubt and wondering if you’re even good enough to get the same results as the people hosting the event. You WILL leave this event feeling more confident than ever before. 

… You sit and listen to a bunch of content and stories but feel stuck on how it pertains to you. Each person will get a minimum of 30 minutes 1:1 hotseatting with me (ask me anything and get yor exact, custom steps to see theese results in your business. Plus, lots of general Q&A time between lessons.  

Dates: May 10th and 11th 

Location: Moorseville, North Carolina (Exact address and location to be announced as soon as you join!) Note: The event will be hosted at a large AirBnb and there will be 9 women max :) You should plan to fly into Charlotte or one of the local airports. 

What’s included:  

  • Two full days of mindblowing and life changing content
  • Morning mindset and journaling sessions each day 
  • 30 minute 1:1 hotseat for each woman there 
  • 4 business trainings on how to simply scale your business to $50k months with high end ($10k-$20k) 1:1 and a group program/course 
  • Lots of Q&A time 
  • Evening hang out, games and chat time with Taylor and the group
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks during the two days from our private chef - all gluten free, dairy free, vegan and delicious 
  • BONUS: Stay in the AirBnb (Included with your ticket) the nights of May 9 [arrive after 5 pm] and May 10th. You will leave May 11th at 5 pm. 
  • BONUS: Get instant access to my signature course, Unleash Your 6-Figure Badass that has helped MANY women 2-4x their income in as little as 2 weeks. $1597 value!!!!
  • BONUS: 3 weeks of unlimited Voxer coaching for 3 weeks after event (May 12 - June 1) $3800 value!!!!!!  

Note: values are actually price points these services sell for seperately.  


1. I’m not sure If I am ready to start creating $50k+ months at this point…. It feels overwhelming and I’d rather focus on creating more time right now (I’m already fully booked/ I want to have more fun/ I don’t even need to make that much)  

This is exactly what the event is all about.  

Tell me this… deep down, do you know you do kind of want to be that kind of woman? The woman who makes tons of money? More than she could ever possibly spend? Do you know that you want to just buy what you want, when you want? Do you want to be able to go to events like this simply to use the freedom your business gives you and meet other women who are on the same wavelength as you?  

Then this is your chance to step into that. Your purpose has been given to you and by you keeping yourself at a lower income level, you’re not truly experiencing the life you’re meant to have, serving all of the people you are meant to serve, and honestly, serving your current clients at the level you are meant to.  

What would you tell your best friend or sister if she was totally capable of something huge and choosing not to do it out of fear? I don’t know about you but I would tell her to get her ass in the game! She’s amazing, worthy, special, gifted….. She’s meant for this. It’s so obvious. I would tell her, “Please don’t let something so silly hold you back from this… it’s so clear you’re meant to do it.”  

And that’s what I’m saying to you. With so much love…. STOP holding yourself back.  

2. I still have to buy a plane ticket and hotel and that’s just a big investment right now for an event…  

Why’d you create your business again.  

Oh yeah… for “freedom” right? It kills me to see these women literally kicking ass be so afraid to spend money and invest back into themselves.  

 Girlfriend, you’re the reason for all of this, don’t you realize that? Get your booty to the event and let’s make it so you never bat an eyelash and booking a flight ever again. 

AND PS: I better see first class on that plane ticket ;) You deserve it. [Yes, even if it's scary] 

And PSS: You're the kind of woman who makes things happen when she needs too. That's how you got these results in the first place. So I know for sure you makig this investment alone will help you to increase your income immediatly. 

3. Where should I be in my business to come to the retreat?

The Break Free retreat is a good fit for you if you are coach or service provider [web designer, brand strategist, copy writer, etc] that wants to charge at least $10k for your highest level services as well as run group programs/courses. 

The program is also going to be best for you if you are already bringing in income through your business. Specifically $5k-$10k cash months.

4. I’m not quite at $10k months yet… I’m making $10k sales but less than half of that is actual cash… OR….I just hit my first $10k month so I am not sure if I’m quite ready to go to the next level….  

The truth here is - you may or may not be an amazing fit at this event. Send me a chat (bottom right hand corner of the screen) and give me some details about your business and why you are a badass at what you do and I’ll let you know if you should book your ticket.  

However, I bet you already know the answer.  

Does the feeling you have right now feel like, “Holy shit… am I about to do this? What if I am way behind of the other women? What if I don’t fit in? What if I am not good enough? Ahhh I so want to be there. I want to be having the success Taylor talks about… this is TERRIFYING!”  

…. If so, grab your ticket - you need to be there. I’ve invested in myself many, many times and the most business altering investments have always feels something like that.  

But if it’s more like “This sounds cool and all but I’m not sure I even need it or want it. But maybe there’s something I need to know that she’s talking about. I don’t know….. Bleh….”  

…. Not meant for you. <3 And that’s ok!  

5. I just had something come up in my personal life (unexpected bill.. Or you’re really just afraid of spending money) so I don’t think I can swing it right now….  

Let’s be honest….  

Can you really not afford it?  

Because, 1. If you’re making $10k months and that’s the case… you really need to be there. I am all about creating a profitable business and as a CEO you should be able to easily get to any business event you feel called to be at (and you need to paying YOURSELF a 6-figure salary). 

2. If you’re just afraid of spending money (like I was for so long) the truth is, you can make $5000 back today [you probably already have before]. You can make that everyday. If you decide to, you will make your money back within the next few days and then some ;) This is about seeing yourself as the powerful and capable woman you are.

6. I’m going to get a couple of clients and then I am totally signing up. Count me in! Super excited! Yay!  

Ok…. sometimes the truth hurts but here it is - this is the biggest form of self sabatoge I’ve ever seen.  

Tell me this - does your value truly rely on if you sign a client or not today? I hope not. You’re a badass coach and able to make $10k this week alone because you are you. That’s it.  

Do not make decisions based off of if you sign clients before the time runs out. 1. It never works and you most likely won’t sign the clients. Law Of Attraction 101. And 2. You already know you can sign 2 clients. Just say yes to yourself. You’re a badass. A gift to the world. You deserve this. And… you’re meant for it. Regardless of the next few days.  

7. How long will tickets be available? 

The truth? You MUST grab your ticket now. I know you created your business so that you don't need to check your bank account every two seconds, over think every purchase or stress about money. That starts now... not AFTER you become a millionaire ;) 

The logistical answer. There are currently *6* spots left for this event [or less] and the event is in less than a month. Now is the best to time to grab your spot but once the 9 perfect badasses are in... that's it. 

Grab your ticket and go make $10k this week ;). No excuses, you badass.

See you there, ladies!